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Updated Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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Forests / Silver Maple Forest Government - information from and actions by government agencies Government - communications to (and commentary on actions by) government agencies

Draft Environmental Impact Report - Belmont Office/R&D Building / Silver Maple Forest - Responses
To find out about the need to preserve our urban forests . . .
Please go to this web site and bring us more information.
An environmental gift prize will be offered to anyone who can send a not-yet-presented scientific fact useful to making a case for preserving the silver maple forest. Send your fact to Include your name and address - gift will be sent.

For more information on urban forests, you can also contact
the Service Forester with the state's public forestry agency, the Department of Environmental Management, at 978 369-3350.
This will put you in touch with DEM's Service Forester who covers Cambridge, Belmont, and Somerville, and many other communities north of Boston - whose job is to provide "house-call" level of assistance or to serve as a free-of-charge "first-responder" to people or communities with an interest in forestland.

Essential technical information about the Belmont Uplands
Materials useful to help save the Belmont Uplands, Silver Maple Forest.

Recent additions to the Image Collections slide show — Silver Maples In the Urban Wild
— 4 paintings by Sarah Leon.
Maps (includes maps listed under other headings) Media coverage Proposals Water Wildlife / biodiversity inventories and observations Other