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Statement of Purpose of Friends of Alewife Reservation
(for details, see A Vision for Alewife Reservation)

To bring public attention to the MDC Reservation, wetlands, and environs by working with community volunteers, elected officials, Alewife area groups and the Mystic River Watershed Association to preserve and protect the area by means of visible presence of adult volunteer monitors, or school youth projects which include: public clean ups, survey teams, wilderness educational tours and classes, water quality testing and other projects which benefit the Alewife Reservation.

The Friends will also alert businesses and residents of the area of their environmental wetland responsibilities to Cambridge, Arlington and Belmont. Friends will raise funds for purposes of preservation and enhancement of the 115 acres public land Reserve in properly planned and supervised projects through grants, city and town funds, and from benefactors. Friends' volunteers will meet separately in crews, teams and committees to plan their work with the agreement from the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee
Meets Bi-monthly.
Interest in participating in the Friends should come throught contact with Task Forces.
For more information as to how the organization functions, call Mark Kirk, 617 489-7717

The Committee:
George Ehrenfreid
Bryan Hamlin
John Walker
Suzie Watson - Acting Secretary
Mary White
Peter Alden
Stewart Sanders
Mark Kirk - Treasurer
Ellen Mass - President