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Mural Arts Fundraiser Evening
November 19 2002 - Behind the Summer Shack

Following a twilight stroll with Peter Alden, Friends of Alewife Reservation guests from Arlington, Belmont, Boston and Cambridge advanced towards the Summer Shack to view the meadows and future site of the environmental art mural on the huge garage above the T station. Noted chef Jasper White provided Shack specialty cajun appetizers and spirits. The sold out event included Biodiversity Days consultant, Peter Alden of Audubon, Vice-mayor Henrietta Davis, Rep. Alice Wolf, Mystic leader Grace Perez, MDC Planner Dan Driscoll, Harvard landscape designer Robert France, mural artist David Fichter, all expressing the need for identification and depiction of the area as one with beautiful natural treasures. Surprise guest, Governor Elect, Mitt Romney, whose campaign headquarters is the Shack neighbor, spoke supportively of the art project.

Jasper White and other business owners wish to increase the visual attractiveness for residential, local research and entrepreneurial firms at Cambridge Park Drive and improve the transportation artery for pedestrians, bikes, buses, trains and cars. The theme of the evening gala affair was the education based integration of students with nature through art and community. The mural project is intended to coincide with the new MDC master plan which will include high conservation standards, wetland restoration and a conservation wildlife refuge, for the largest urban wild within the Boston area.

Four original environmental art pieces were auctioned from local artists Kat Mitchell, Ann Barnard, Sylvia Gilman and Ellen Mass. The works have been hanging at the Stebbins gallery Urban Wild Art show this month.

Although Friends raised nearly ten thousand from supportive businesses in the area funds continue to be sought for mural costs: Contribute by calling FAR office: 617 661-1730. Donators to the affair were Wyeth Research, Bioengineering , A.O. Wilson, Bulfinch, Best Western Homestead, Dodge Co,, Spaulding and Sly, and others.

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Alewife MBTA art mural of Alewife Reservation: mural display.

photo at fundraiser - description underneath
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Ellen Mass, FAR President; Governor-elect Mitt Romney; and Chef Jasper White, Summer Shack - at the fundraiser for Alewife MBTA art mural of Alewife Reservation.

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FAR members at the fundraiser for Alewife MBTA art mural of Alewife Reservation: Peter DeFazio showing mural display items to another. Others are Gloria Korsman, Kerrie Harthan, John Moot.