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At Lesley University, 29 Everett St, Cambridge, MA. (map)

Further planning for silver maple forest preservation actions based on Silver Maple Forest Campaign by local environmental groups.

Ecology Camp 2014

ecology camp ecology camp     ecology camp     ecology camp

15 urban high school campers from Cambridge learn everything about the Alewife Reservation's ecology. They are having a great time this summer.

See daily logs and weekly summary. If the link color has turned back to blue, the log has probably been updated.

2014 Ecology Camp Daily Log - latest entry: June 30

2014 Ecology Camp Weekly Log - latest entry: Week 2

Save the Silver Maple Forest

Save The Silver Maple Forest Logo
A developer plans to clearcut 700+ trees in the Silver Maple Forest in August to build almost 300 apartment units. He already has almost all the permits and expects to get the last permits and begin clearcutting.

If we do not act NOW, we will lose this unique urban wild resource!

Here are things you can do to make a difference
Know The Silver Maple Forest Floodplain Facts

Write to your Legislators

Find your legislators. Thanks to Ben Beckwith for this sample letter to State Representative David Rogers.

Help preserve this unique urban wild that serves our communities so well!
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Save The Silver Maple Forest - Recent News
Floodplain facts from a Belmont Town Meeting member

  • Precipitation data show that at mid latitudes like the northeast US it is raining a lot more than it used to.
  • Storm data show that the intensity and frequency of severe storms is increasing in the northeast.
  • Models by some of the country's best climate scientists show that estimates of the "24-hour 100-year storm" started increasing dramatically in the 1990s.
  • The percentage of impervious surface in the Alewife Brook watershed has been increasing steadily since the 1930s and 1940s, when we started converting from an agricultural economy to an automobile-driven economy of manufacturing and industrial office parks, full of urban sprawl; it is now over 47%.
  • NOAA reports a ten-inch rise in sea level in Boston harbor over the last 100 years.
  • The above factors (and others) have resulted in increases in "peak flow" during any rain storm, a key indicator of flooding studied by Professor Vogel of Tufts on the Aberjona River, where they subsequently analyzed and built rain gardens and bioswales at carefully studied locations in order to slow down and filter stormwater.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers Hurricane Evacuation maps appear to advise first responders to prepare to evacuate much of the Alewife Brook watershed as a "Zone 1" area should a hurricane of Category 2 or higher strike land in this area.
  • To date developers have had a lot more money, motivation, and staff to analyze and study what it takes to move forward than government officials and citizens have had to sort out the complexities of regional development during a time of apparent climate change.

For more information, call FAR at 617-415-1884.

Environmental Bond bill signed without Silver Maple Forest

FAR is pleased that Governor Patrick signed H. 4375 “An Act Providing for the Preservation and Improvement of Land, Parks and Clean Energy in the Commonwealth” into law, thanks to Environmental League of Massachusetts. But we are not pleased about the omission of silver maple foreest which has been our preservation charge and hard work over the past 2 years trying to bring it back to the legislative arena since it was vetoed by Gov. Patrick in 2012 after passing House and Senate by then-Rep. Brownsberger and then-Watertown legislator colleague, Steve Tolman.

Arlington and Belmont Commissions still using out of date rain data

"The 24-hour 100-year storm is now estimated at 8.8. inches instead of the 6.5 inches estimated in 1961. It is my understanding that the stormwater management design of the proposed project was made to accommodate 6.5 inches of rain, an event which is now known to occur every 30 years instead of every 100 years." (more)

Alewife North Trail Adirondack bridge at high water level during FAR Ecology Camp 2014 at wildlife walk, led by Anne Marie Lambert
two people coming out of the forest
Elley Vanderlinde

Adirondack bridge built by FAR summer campers of 2012.

people emerging from forest
Credit Patricia Alvarado Nunez / WGBH
Alewife's Silver Maple Forest: Growth And Conflict

(article and embedded video at wgbh.org)

Cambridge Day newspaper Editor Marc Levy says forest City Policy Order a Washout -- Watered Down

Cambridge Day: "Weather swells storm of public comment, but Silver Maple Forest order is washout"
Your Arlington: "Storm Of Public Comment Favoring Silver Maple Forest, But Council Waters Down Order"

Damaging flooding hits North Cambridge at Alewife

Letter from city Housing Authority assessment on floods. (letter)

Poem Draft By Maya Apfelbaum

A poem for saving the Silver Maple Forest (more)

march to rally location
Wicked Local Staff Photo/David Gordon
Environmentalists protest the silver maple forest project


Silver Maple Forest Rally and Parade on June 28, 2014

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Regional, National and International Climate Change
Aggregated by David Landskov of Sustainable Arlington and FAR board member.
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The Alewife Reservation is a unique natural resource for the communities of Belmont, Arlington and Cambridge and home to hundreds of species, including hawks, coyotes beavers, snapping turtles, wild turkeys and muskrats, the reservation is a unique natural resource for the community. ( interactive map with directions )

Friends of Alewife Reservation works to protect and restore this wild area and the surrounding area for the water quality, native plants, animals and over 90 bird species with paths for walking, running and biking, recreation, and for classroom education and research. We regularly steward and preserve the Reservation area for wildlife and for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

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History of Cambridge
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The Birds of the Cambridge Region of Massachusetts

by William Brewster 1906
Nuttal Ornithological Society

Biodiversity Study of Alewife Reservation Area: Species, Habitat, Ecosystems Inventories by David Brown, wildlife assessor (2003, 2004.) Published by and available from FAR for $10. Write or call for your copy. (sample)

Updated Dave Brown Inventories (2008, 2010)

Inventories of Alewife Reservation Wetland Plants by Walter Kittredge, Botanist (2013)
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